Dealing with hot water problems on a chilly morning can be more than just uncomfortable; it can disrupt your entire day. The luxury of hot water at your disposal, as we know it, is largely due to the efficiency of the water heater tucked away in some corner of your home. Bradford White Water Heaters are renowned for their durability and excellent performance, but like all mechanical devices, they may stumble once in a while.

Troubleshooting an issue can be daunting, and even professionals like us, at Dayton Plumbing Services, often recommend homeowners to know some basics. It adds to your home maintenance skills and avoids unnecessary panic or costs. So, let’s explore Bradford White Water Heater troubleshooting in detail.


Problems like no hot water, not enough hot water, water too hot, water is leaking, and strange noises are common issues with Bradford White water heaters. Identifying the problem and understanding some basic solutions can help troubleshoot these issues efficiently.

Why is my Bradford White water heater not emitting hot water?

The most common problem with water heaters is the absence or inadequacy of hot water. The cause can be anything from a tripped circuit breaker for electric heaters to a defective thermostat or gas control valve in case of gas heaters. The solution can be as simple as flipping the breaker back on or may necessitate a water heater repair. A less common reason could be a faulty heating element or a broken dip tube.

If you notice your gas water heater is not working, firstly check if the gas supply is intact. If there is no problem with the gas supply, the issue probably lies with the gas control valve or the pilot light.

Why Is My Bradford White Water Heater Leaking?

Another common problem is a leaking water heater. This could be majorly due to two reasons: a faulty temperature and pressure relief valve (T&P valve), or a leak from the water storage tank. If the T&P valve is discharging water, it may be due to excessive temperature or pressure, or the valve itself is faulty. A leak from the tank is a graver issue, and you might have to consider a water heater replacement.

Even though these are not the only reasons for a water heater leak, they are the most common ones. For example, a leaking water supply line can also cause water to pool around the heater. Ensure to identify the source of the leak correctly before moving forward with a solution.

Why Is My Bradford White Water Heater Too Noisy?

  • Sediment buildup: Over time, minerals in the water can accumulate at the bottom of the tank causing popping or rumbling noises when the water is heated. Flushing the tank will help eliminate sediment buildup.
  • Water pressure: If water flow into the tank is high, it can cause a high-pitched whining noise. Installation of a pressure reducing valve can fix this.
  • Loose heating element: Particularly prevalent in electric water heaters, a loose heating element can lead to a humming noise. Tightening the element will solve the issue. So, if your electric water heater is not working correctly and making unusual noises, check the heating element.

How To Maintain Your Bradford White Water Heater?

Regular maintenance can add years to your water heater. Simple steps like quarterly draining of a few gallons of water from the tank can prevent sediment buildup. Regular checkup of the pressure relief valve and temperature setting can evade undesirable leaks and ensure smooth operation. Annual professional maintenance by Dayton plumbers can maintain the efficiency of your heater and keep it in top-notch form.

Remember, hot water safety also involves knowing when to concede. If your hot water heater is older than 10 years, it might be time to consider a new heater. Do your research and choose the best water heater brands to get the longest lifespan and best performance.


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Bradford White Water Heater troubleshooting doesn’t have to be daunting if you’re informed and proactive. Know the common issues, understand the possible root causes, and be ready with potential solutions. However, before rolling up your sleeves for any kind of water heater fixing, always remember that safety comes first. It’s always best to consult professionals like us for major issues to prevent any accident or further damage.

If you deem that your water heater requires professional attention, don’t hesitate to reach out! At Dayton Plumbing Services, we are always there to help. Click here to request a quote today!

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