Having a reliable hot water system in your home is crucial for a comfortable lifestyle. Thus, when you suddenly find your electric water heater not operating as it should, it could unnerve you. Not having hot water accessible feels more than an inconvenience; from not being able to enjoy a hot shower to struggling with washing dirty dishes, the repercussions are immediate, and discomfort follows. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you understand possible reasons for your water heater failing.

Why is the electric water heater not working

Problems with an electric water heater could be due to various causes. Issues could range from something as simple as a tripped circuit breaker to more complex concerns like a faulty thermostat. Figuring out the exact cause can be difficult for the untrained eye, but don’t worry. Here’s a quick rundown of possible problems.

  • Faulty heating elements
  • Incorrect thermostat settings or dysfunctional thermostat
  • Tripped circuit breaker
  • Loose or burnt out wiring
  • Tank sediment build-up

Electric water heater troubleshooting

The first step in troubleshooting your electric water heater is ascertaining if it’s powered. If the unit lacks electricity, check the circuit breaker. Sometimes, the breaker can flip, causing the heater to shut down. If the breaker is off, flip it back on and check if the water heater starts working.

If the circuit breaker isn’t the culprit, the next probable cause could be the thermostat or the heating elements. In such cases, testing is essential. But if you’re no expert, you might need help from water heater repairs.

When to call a plumber

While some troubleshooting and minor fixes can be handled at home, some issues require professional intervention. It’s advisable to call in experienced plumbers if:

  • There’s a significant amount of water leaking from your heater.
  • You have problems with water quality or pressure.
  • Electrical connections are involved (to avoid any risk of electrocution).
  • You’ve tried troubleshooting, but the heater still doesn’t work.

In situations like the above, don’t hesitate to call on water heater specialists.

Preventing future electric water heater problems

Prevention is always better than cure. Regular maintenance is the best way to avoid future electric water heater problems. Routinely flushing out your water heater can prevent sediment build-up and contribute to the overall efficiency and longevity.

Also, investing in a high-quality unit from one of the best water heater brands can minimize your chances of facing heating issues.


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Cost implications

Depending on the problem found, the cost of repair or replacement could differ substantially. For simple repairs, the cost is usually minimal. However, for severe damages or an entirely burnt-out unit, replacement may be the only option. Choosing the best-suited water heater backed by a good warranty could save you from future costs.

In conclusion, dealing with a malfunctioning electric water heater can be challenging and frustrating. But knowing possible causes, solutions, and when to call Dayton plumbers can make the process less daunting. Always ensure your water heater is properly maintained to avoid future issues. If you’re facing constant issues with your electric water heater, don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote. Expert help is just a call away!

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