When it comes to securing household essentials such as water heaters, there’s no room for compromise. It’s about finding a unique blend of reliability, durability, and advanced technology ambiance. Among the many water heater brands in the market today, one that has been earning rave reviews is Bradford White. Established in 1881, this premier water heater company has become a household name with its pioneering technologies and unmatched quality.

However, with the wide variety of models and designs that Bradford White offers, selecting the ideal one suited to your needs can be challenging. This comprehensive review of Bradford White water heaters will provide a detailed overview of the brand, offering in-depth insights that can help you make a well-informed decision.

Quick summary

The Bradford White water heaters are known for their innovative features, superior longevity, and energy efficiency. Their products cater to a range of preferences, making them a reliable choice for homeowners.

Bradford White water heater models

Bradford White believes in diversity when it comes to their product range. Whether you are seeking a gas, electric, tankless, or solar water heater, they have got you covered. Here’s a quick rundown of the primary categories of Bradford White water heaters.

The company’s gas water heaters are renowned for their energy efficiency and cutting-edge features such as the ICON System Intelligent Gas Control and a hydrojet total performance system. Conversely, their electric water heaters shine in their impressive Safety features, like the VitraGlas lining and protective magnesium anode rod. If you’ve been facing gas water heater problems, Bradford White’s reliable electric models could be your best bet.

Advanced features and innovations

One thing that sets Bradford White apart from other popular water heater brands is their continual focus on innovation. Their advanced features ensure that you get not just hot water, but, a long-lasting, smooth-running device that adds value for money.

  • The ICON System – An exclusive microprocessor-controlled system that improves performance, delivers accurate, consistent water temperatures, and maintains an efficient operation.
  • The Hydrojet Total Performance System – This feature reduces sediment build-up in tank improves first hour delivery of hot water, and minimizes temperature build-up in the tank.
  • Vitraglas Lining – An exclusively engineered enamel lining offers superior protection against aggressive water conditions.

Longevity and durability of Bradford White water heaters

While purchasing a water heater, its longevity and durability are among the foremost things that come to mind. Bradford White water heaters are designed with durability as a top priority. From their superior raw materials to their elaborate craftsmanship, everything points towards a robust and long-lasting operation.

The magnesium sacrificial anode helps prevent corrosion, contributing significantly to the water heater’s lifespan. Moreover, with their commitment to quality, if something does go amiss with your Bradford White’s model, such as a water heater leaking, rest assured their customer service is always ready to assist.

Energy efficiency

In today’s eco-conscious world, the efficiency of home appliances is crucial. Bradford White water heaters are no different. These units boast a unique mix of advancements designed to save energy, conserve resources and maintain optimum performance.

The ICON System, with its advanced temperature control, prevents energy waste, while the Green Choice gas burner reduces NOx emissions, adding an additional layer of environmental safety. Bradford White’s product line aligns with the global movement towards energy-efficient appliances, making their heaters an excellent choice for your home.


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When you consider the advanced innovations, robust build, superior durability, and impressive energy efficiency that Bradford White water heaters offer, they undoubtedly make a strong case for themselves. Choosing Bradford White means investing in a reliable product that is worth every penny.

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